Rayong – A Summary of This Province’s Delights

Beach in Rayong, Thailand

One of the late bloomers in the tourism industry of Thailand, Rayong has gained popularity for its natural and man-made attractions, pristine and unspoiled beaches, wide variety of seafood, and agricultural products.  For sea lovers who are looking for some peace and tranquillity near Bangkok, the 100 km coastline of Rayong Thailand is an ideal getaway.


Useful and Interesting Facts About Rayong:


In 1767, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya succumbed to the invading Burmese after being in power for more than four hundred years. King Taksin the Great, or General Taksin, came to Rayong after the fall of the kingdom in order to build up his forces before marching into Chanthaburi. After he had amounted enough military strength, King Taksin the Great fought back the Burmese and established a new capital in Thonburi.



Map of Rayong Province

Rayong, located on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand and approximately 200 km from Bangkok, is a sea side province. It is sprawling with hills, mountains and low coastal plains.

The province is divided into eight districts, namely: Ban Chang, Ban Khai, Khao Chamao, Klaeng, Mueang Rayong, Nikhom Phatthana, Pluak Daeng, and Wang Chan. The capital of the province, Rayong, is located in the Mueang Rayong district. The city’s main industry is fishing. However, it is also home to Thailand’s largest industrial complex, Map Ta Phut. Despite being one of Thailand’s biggest industrial and agricultural provinces, Rayong has maintained its traditions and customs as evidenced by the lifestyle of its locals.



Rayong Fruit Festival

One of the oldest festivals in Rayong Thailand, the Water Robe Offering Ceremony or the Thot Pha Pa Klang Nam is celebrated at the same time as the Loi Krathong (November). Visitors will be able to witness religious rites such as the preparation and offering of a robe for monks at the temple.

Apart from its natural attractions, the province boasts of juicy tropical fruits like durian, manganese, and rambutan. Every May, the annual Rayong Fruit Festival is celebrated.

Every June, at the Klaeng district, the event of Sunthon Phu Dayis at the Sunthon Phu Monument is celebrated in honour of the great poet.



Hinsuay Namsai Resort in Rayong Thailand

There are several hotels and resorts located in Rayong offering recreation, rest, and relaxation to visitors. One of which is the Purimas Beach Hotel and Spa located at the Payoon-Namrin Road in Banchang.  Purimas offers air conditioned rooms, internet access, mini-bar, restaurant, gym, swimming pool, and transportation, among its other facilities and services. Other resorts and hotels include Bari Lamai Resort, Kantary Bay, Kameo House, Lima Bella Resort, and many more.


Entertainment and Attractions

Shrine of King Taksin the Great in Rayong Province

The Love Club in Rajbamrung Road offers live band music, dancing Thai girls, and a variety of beverages and liquors to tourists who are looking for a fun night-out.

After a long day of sight-seeing, food tasting, and other activities, the weary traveller can take some time off and experience an authentic Thai massage by trained masseurs for good value in one of the massage parlors in the province.

Apart from its modern attractions, Rayong offers travellers a chance to visit any of its several landmarks and memorials, museums, temples and other spiritual or religious sites, zoos, and aquariums, to name a few.

The Shrine of General Taksin, or King Taksin the Great (Wat Lum Mahachai Chumpon, Taksin Road), was built to memorialize the king’s brief stay in Rayong after the fall of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya to strengthen his troops before liberating the kingdom from the hands of the Burmese. The shrine attracts several visitors who are fascinated by the legends saying that King Taksin’s elephant was stabled in front of where the shrine is.

A replica of the statute of the revered Phra Buddha Chinnarat of Phitsanulok can be found at the Wat Saranat Thammaram Temple, also in Rayong. This temple was built in 1945 and contains replicas of Buddhist monuments from all around Thailand.

The Rayong Aquarium located in Tambon Phe, Amphoe Mueang is for the nature enthusiasts. It is home to several species of aquatic life such as crabs, giant clams, horseshoe crabs, cuttlefish, hawksbill turtles, leatherback turtles, and various kinds of beautiful fish. The aquarium also has a museum where extinct and rare animal fossils are displayed.

The Namtok Klong Pla Kang Park, 71 km from the city in the Klaeng district, is a place where one can find the last piece of untouched forest in the province. The park is famous for its wildlife, caves, cliffs, forests, and waterfalls.


Rayong Thailand has a great deal to offer its visitors who want to experience its sights and sounds, nature and wildlife, art, culture and heritage, traditions, and lifestyle. It doesn’t take a lot to entice anyone into wanting to see all that Rayong has to offer.