Karon Beach- A Traveler’s Guide

Karon Beach

An Overview of Karon Beach

Karon Beach is deemed to be one of the most sought after beaches in Phuket Thailand because of its crystal clear water along with its clean and hygienic beach. Tourists who visit the place are always left at awe because of the enchanting attractions Karon Beach Phuket has to offer. It is also known as the second largest beach on the island because of its waterfront that stretches for about three kilometers and is covered with fine, white sand that you can actually hear squeaks when walked on. Young couples and families who want to escape the busy life in the nearby Patong Beach choose Karon Beach among other beaches because of the calm atmosphere here.

Tourists do not have to worry a thing about how they can travel to Karon Beach because it can be easily reached by taking a bus from Phuket Town. From Patong, they can also access the beach by hiring a taxi or even using a tuk-tuk (a kind of motorcycle with a cabin attached to the rear). Moving around the beach is easy because you can hire motorbikes from rental shops sprawled along the beach.

Karon Beach is a true haven for nature lovers. Karon Beach Thailand is rich with flora and fauna as well as a captivating coral reef covering the southern part of the beach. Tourists will surely feel the bliss of seeing the sun set on the west of the beach over the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

Karon Beach Accommodations

A day’s visit to Karon Beach would not be enough to explore the beach so it is recommended that guest stay here for a couple of days. After all, accommodations in Karon Beach Thailand are available with a variety of choices to suit everyone’s needs. From budget accommodations to luxurious ones, tourists can opt for whatever they feel comfortable with. Karon Beach has few bars and this makes it more attractive to families heading out for a calm and serene relaxing place. Nightlife on the beach of Karon is more quiet as only few establishments remain open at wee hours of the night. Far different from Patong beach, night activities in Karon are restricted to dining only.

You can find budget and luxury hotels here in Karon Beach. However, if you are looking for a hotel that is located right on the beach, you will only find the Karon Beach Resort, Marina Phuket, and Ruam Thep Inn somewhere at the south end. You can also find a unique place called In On The Beach at the north end. However, there are hotels that are popular among tourists as they consider as their second home during their stay here like:

The Pacific Club Resort - located at the north end of Karon Beach. Although it is not right by Karon Beach, guests will surely love the great view and the calm and serene ambiance from its location on a hillside up on a small road.

Phuket Orchid - located on the side road going to Karon Beach. This is a huge hotel with around 500 rooms and is most sought after by families because of its several large swimming pools.

Marina Phuket Resort - located on the headland right at the south end of Karon Beach. Guests enjoy breathtaking views of the sea especially when they dine in their restaurant called “On The Rock” which is right above the beach. It is also close to Kata and Karon beaches.

Things to do at Karon Beach

The fine and white sand of Karon Beach makes it more attractive to various activities both for locals and tourists who are having the time of their life at the beach. There are loads of sports activities that you can enjoy at this beach. You can opt to find the perfect spot here where you and your family can bond and have fun together. You can also participate in beach games or go with the groups of visitors to do some great snorkeling and diving.

Food Fun at Karon Beach

Sprawled along the lines of the road near the Karon Beach is an array of restaurants that will surely satisfy your palate. Mouthwatering Scandinavian cuisines are very popular among many tourists here and are offered by the number of restaurants. Eating establishments can be found at the northern part of the Karon Beach Phuket so if you are looking for a sumptuous meal, drag your feet to that area and satisfy your cravings.