Pattaya Nightlife – What to Do at Night in Pattaya

Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya isn’t just known for its beautiful beach; tourists and locals alike flock there also because of its bustling and highly energetic nightlife! Pattaya Walking Street is arguably the most popular and most recommended area to experience Pattaya nightlife. It is considered a red-light district filled with clubs, bars, pubs, beer bars, discotheques, karaoke bars, transsexual cabarets, lounges, massage parlours, sports bars, restaurants, and go-go bars. Pattaya Walking Street is off-limits to vehicles from 6pm to 2am daily. With so many establishments to choose from, you won’t have a shortage on activities to do and places to check out when experiencing Pattaya nightlife!

Pattaya nightlife activities

Pattaya, or Thailand in general, is a very gay-friendly area and as such, watching cabaret shows should be part of your vacation to-do list! The performing arts scene of Pattaya has garnered worldwide attention particularly because of its ladyboy entertainers. Ladyboys or kathoeys are transgender or effeminate gay males and they are often seen in entertainment and tourist centers especially in cabarets. Aside from their amazing talent, cabaret goers witness Thai culture and history through well-executed performances, colourful costumes and props, and lively music. Some of the shows you shouldn’t miss are the Alcazar Cabaret Show, Alangkarn Show, and Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret.

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and is a form of combat sport involving stand up striking and clinching moves and techniques. If you want to see live Muay Thai matches, then Pattaya nightlife’s beer bars are where you should be. Matches are held usually from 7pm to 11pm. You can either watch others play the sport or join the ring yourself!

Pattaya nightlife also has some American influence thanks to Hard Rock Hotel’s foam party! The foam party is enjoyed by kids and adults alike as the milder and child-friendly one happens earlier at around 5-6:30pm, while a wilder for-adults-only foam party happens at around 9:30pm. Whether you go there to frolic in the pool or join the games, the foam party is definitely a fun party!

Top bars and clubs

Because the Pattaya nightlife scene is composed mostly of bars and clubs (gogo, beer, sports, karaoke, etc.), one activity that will complete your ultimate Pattaya nightlife experience is bar hopping! With so many available, it may be difficult to choose which ones to check out, so below are the top suggestions based on their service and staff’s friendliness.

One of the busiest bars is Airport Club most probably because of its many girls in attractive outfits particularly air hostess-styled bikinis. The main stage is always full of sexy dancers, while a bathtub and jacuzzi can be found behind the bar and expect to see pretty girls there as well. It is no surprise, therefore, to see more male customers than female ones in this bar.

If it is music you’re after, then the Blue Factory is where you should go. It is well-known for its up-to-date sound equipment operated by various local and international musicians who perform RnB, blues, and rock and roll music. It has a relaxing and comfortable ambiance that will make you feel easily at home.

If you’re more into hip-hop, techno and commercial club music, then Club Insomnia may be the place for you. It is considered the liveliest club in Pattaya as it is fully packed every night. Aside from its music, it is also known for its laser lights and a 50% discount on all drinks from 10pm-12mn. It also helps that there is no entrance fee and no dress code.

If you want to experience something unusual, then you should check out the -5 Ice Bar and Lounge! Pattaya is a tropical city with generally hot to humid weather, so it is quite bizarre yet also refreshing to have a bar that requires customers to wear Eskimo gloves and coats! It is undoubtedly the most unusual bar in Pattaya as it is made from ice. Its bar, seats, and glasses are all made from ice so you can always grab a cold one with your friends!

Of course, there’s also the ever-famous Hard Rock Café, where customers get their fill of classic rock tunes and Tex-Mex food. Rock memorabilia line its walls and the place has a bar that resembles a keyboard. Asian rock cover bands grace its stage every night, bringing a cool fusion of American and Asian culture to Pattaya.

Other notable bars and clubs include Tony’s Entertainment Complex, Candy Shop, Goodfellas, Marine Disco, Roxy, X Zone, Moulin Rouge, and Lucifer’s Disco TK.

Experiencing Pattaya nightlife is definitely one for the books so you better plan your trip well to maximize your party and club hopping adventure!