Cha-Am – Get to Know This Thailand District


Cha-Am is the place to be for those who want to experience the “real” Thailand. The district is located less than 200 kilometers from Bangkok, approximately two hours by car and just 25 kilometers from the famous resort of Hua Hin.

Do you want to escape to a place where you can enjoy in solitude? Then, Cha-Am Thailand is the ideal place for you. While the town of Hua Hin is known for its abundant facilities and activities, Cha-Am is popular among those looking for a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, a place where people can enjoy a serene ambience. Those who want to party all night should note that this district has little to offer in terms of nightlife.


A Brief History of Cha-Am

In 1897, Cha-Am – found in central Thailand at the southern portion of Phetchaburi province – was established. It was originally called Na Yang but was later changed to Nong Chok district in 1914. This was when its center was relocated to Ban Nong Chok, Tha Yang.

Tambon Cha-Am became the new site of the district’s government office after WW II. This resulted in the name change to Cha-Am from Nong Chok. The district is the home of Thailand’s lone American university, the Webster University. It has around a couple hundred students from all around the globe.

Cha-Am district is divided into nine sub-districts namely: Bangkao, Cha-am, Don Khun Huai, Huai Sai Nua, Kao Yai, Na yang, Nong Sala, Rai Mai Patthana, and Sam Phraya. In the north is the district of Amphoe Tha Yang, and in the south the Amphoe Hua Hin of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.


What You Will Find:

Cha-Am Beach
The beach area is separated by the Naranthip Road which leads from the town of Cha-Am down to Ruamjit Road running parallel to the beach. With its five-kilometer long beach, there is surely more than enough room for everyone.

The farther you go south, the quieter it gets. If you are traveling with a loved one: husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, the southern part of Cha-am Thailand can be the perfect romantic retreat for you.

Southern Cha-Am is also ideal for senior tourists looking for some peace and quiet, especially for those who find it annoying to be in a vacation destination where there are several hundreds of people – or worse, hundreds of rambunctious teenagers bouncing around the place, creating a chaotic tourist vibe.

Cha-Am Dining

Cha-Am may not be one of the top popular Thailand tourist destinations; still, it has lots of restaurants which dish up a wide variety of tasty local and international foods. Popular restaurants in Cham-Am include Rang Yen, Sea Zabb (Thai), Aroy (local and International), Wilay (German-Thai), and Happy Pizza (Italian).

Seafood is what Cha-Am is most famous for. Many fine seafood restaurants in Cha-Am are located along the district’s beach area. These restaurants serve many choices of appetizing seafood dishes that are less expensive than those found in restaurants along the famous beaches of Thailand. Never leave Cha-Am without having sampled its fresh seafood offerings.

Cha-Am Accommodations

Visit Cha-Am on weekdays and avoid it (or book early) during the New Year celebration of Thailand for better rates and fewer people. Accommodations in Cha-Am range from luxury resorts and hotels to pocket-friendly ones. Depending on your budget and the level of comfort you desire, there are certainly plenty of places for you to choose from.

If you can afford to spend the money or just want to treat yourself to something nice, you can stay in hotels like the Sheraton Resort and Spa, Holiday Inn Resort Regent Beach, Gems Hotel, or the Veranda Resort and Spa.

For budget accommodations, head to the main road of Cha-Am’s beach. Once there, turn left toward north and you will find establishments with sign boards advertising their reasonable rates. Blue Lagoon Guest House & Bar, Scandy Resort, Lung Dee’s Guesthouse & Internetcafe, and Cha-am Seaside Hotel are among the popular no-frills-but-pocket-friendly accommodations in Cha-Am.

Accommodations situated on the northern (Narathip Road – fishing pier) Cha-Am beach are where most Westerners, particularly Scandinavian people, stay. Northern Cha-Am has hotels as well as lots of restaurants and bars.

Accommodations situated on the Southern Cha-Am beach (Narathip Road – Ruamchit Road) are where most Thais stay.