Siam Park City – A Fun Place to Visit in Thailand

Siam Park City

Where is the best fun place to go to in Thailand if you are traveling with a group of people of varying ages?  Hands down, the answer is Siam Park City. This extremely large water and theme park is just a half an hour drive from the flyover of Lat Phrao. Head to Seree Thai Road in the district of Khan Na Yao, Bangkok and you will find Siam Park. It is open daily from 10am – 6pm.

Hoping to bring happiness and smiles on children’s (and those who are children at heart) faces, Chaiwat Luangamornlert founded this park. Since November 1975, Siam Park City has been giving fun and entertainment to locals and foreigners alike.

Among the notable guests of Siam Park City is The King of Pop – Michael Jackson. He made a stop at this park in 1993. This was when he was in the middle of his Asian tour for his “Dangerous World Tour” concert.

Siam Park City may not be the pioneer in Bangkok amusement parks but it holds a record as the park that has been in operation the longest. This 120-acre recreational park is the largest in Southeast Asia and caters to around 2 million guests per year.


What awaits you at Siam Park City?

Siam Park is split into five main zones: Fantasy World, Water Park, X-zone, Family World, and Small World. In addition to these zones; the park also houses a camp (Pathfinder) for scouts and an amphitheater which shows acts from Europe, China, and America.

Water Park Attractions                    

It is actually quite ironic that Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches but its capital city Bangkok has none. For this reason, many Bangkokers consider Siam Park City’s water park as its inland sea. This water park features artificial sea and surf, slides and pools, as well as waterfalls and fountains.

Siam Park City’s Wave Pool (13,600 m2) is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest not only in Asia but in the whole world. Representatives of the park have revealed that their wave pool can create waves close to five feet high.

Other highlights of Siam Park City Water Park are the multicolored Super Spiral (a 400-meter water slide) and the Speed Slide (a 75-foot slider), a relaxing and scenic Lazy River-flowing pool, Spa Club (providing awesome Thai massage), and a Club House (where you can get/rent almost everything you need).

Theme Park Attractions

Initially, Siam Park City’s theme park only had a few rides – such as its Double-Deck Merry-Go-Round. However, after its renovation was completed, it now has more than 30 rides for guests to explore.

Its popular rides include Vortex (a 765-meter long looping coaster), Giant Drop (a free-fall ride of 75 meters), Boomerang (a 3-loop reverse coaster), Condor (a 24-meter spin and launch ride), Monster (an adult-only spinning ride), Siam Park Tower (a 100-meter observation tower), Astro-Liner (a flight simulator), Twin Dragon (a ship ride), and Trabant (a thrill ride).

Siam Park City’s theme park also has attractions that are both fun-filled and educational. These are Africa Adventure, Jurassic Adventure, and Dinotopia.

Africa Adventure is among the latest additions of the Siam Park attractions. Go around the African “island” by train or by boat and spot animatronics of elephants, tigers, and King Kong.

Want to encounter more than 50 varieties of dinosaurs? At Jurassic Adventure, you can experience the buzz and excitement of being in Jurassic Park. Hop on a Jurassic Rider and explore the “Lost World” with the aid of the park navigators.

Dinotopia is a dinosaur museum. Your visit here is like traveling back to when the world was inhabited by dinosaurs. Get the real scoop about dinosaurs by checking out animatronics of dinosaurs, archeological exhibition, showcase of replica and real dino skeletons at Dinotopia.


3 Tips Worth Remembering When Visiting Siam Park City

• Avoid visiting on weekends and public holidays.

The queues will be long on these days. That means more waiting under the scorching heat of the sun and less time for you to have fun.

• Make necessary arrangements when going via taxi.

There is no better and more comfortable way to travel to Siam Park from Bangkok than this. This is especially true if you are going there with 2 or 3 friends. Having said that, do keep in mind that the park is far from the city center so you have to make necessary arrangements to ensure that you have a taxi that will take you back to the city center.

• Be realistic with your expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, Siam Park attractions are fun but don’t expect them to be as great as Disneyland’s. Remember, a Disneyland Hong Kong day pass is almost 100% more expensive than this park.