Bangkok Tours – A Collection of the Most Popular Tours

Bangkok Tours

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and in Asia in general. As such, there are so many Bangkok tours to choose from! Because of various limitations, it is essential to plan and pick the best tour packages that suit your budget, time, and interests. You also need to consider who you’ll be traveling with or if you’re traveling by yourself. Nevertheless, to narrow down your choices, the following are some of the best Bangkok tours you can consider taking during your next vacation.

Top 10 Bangkok Tours:

Temple and city tour

Thailand is mostly a Buddhist country and as such, Buddhist temples are popular tourist destinations all over the country, including in Bangkok. This tour is one of the most popular Bangkok tours because aside from Buddhism, tourists gain more insight into Thai architecture and general city life. Three Buddhist temples are usually included in this tour: Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, and Wat Benchamabhopit. A 3-meter tall Golden Buddha image is found in Wat Traimit, while the biggest reclining Buddha image is found in Wat Pho, which is also the biggest and oldest temple in Bangkok. Wat Benchamabhopit is one of the most unique temples because it is made from white Carrara marble and it features well-decorated crossbeams with gold and lacquer.

Royal Grand Palace tour

If you want to know more about Thailand’s rich history, this your best bet. The Grand Palace once housed the kings of Siam, Thailand’s former name. The structure is a great combination of Thai architecture and European designs. The palace tour will take you to the Royal Coronation Hall, the Royal Funeral Hall, the Royal Guest House, and the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is also within the Palace grounds and is home to an amazing Buddha image known for being carved from one-piece jade, a very holy and religious object in Thailand.

Siam Niramit Show

Another great way to learn more about Thai history and culture is through the Siam Niramit Show coupled with a grand dinner. The show is 80 minutes long and begins at 8pm every night. You will witness 700 years’ worth of ancient civilizations and spiritual development of Thailand, as well as various Thai festivals. You get your money’s worth in this tour because aside from the lavish show, you can also feast on various Thai dishes at the dinner.

Floating Market Tour

Thailand is known for its unique shopping areas particularly their floating markets and there are many near Bangkok. Bangkok tours involving floating markets could easily eat up at least half a day of touring so you can have enough time to purchase various goods especially souvenirs. The most popular floating market is Damnoen Saduak that is largely known for fruits and vegetables like beans, cabbages, papayas, onion, oranges, and grapes. Most of these items are grown and harvested from the vendors’ own orchards.

Canals tour

Aside from visiting floating markets, you can also experience Bangkok’s canals in another way: going on an actual tour of the canals. The Thonburi khlongs are where the original Bangkok was founded and traveling by boat through them will show you a wonderful riverside scenery filled with wooden homes, floating kitchens, and other cultural structures. You will also pass the Royal Barges Museum, which is the home of eight heavily decorated and ceremonial longboats used for the Royal Barge Procession.

River Kwai Tour

Kanchanaburi is one of the most historical places in Bangkok as it is well-known for its World War II landmarks like the Death Railway and the Bridge over the River Kwai. Have a great view of these landmarks through a 20-minute long-tail boat ride or bamboo raft on the River Kwai. Your eyes will also feast on the natural beauty surrounding the area like waterfalls, tropical jungles, and crisscrossing streams and rivers. Some Bangkok tours of the River Kwai will also take you to the Thailand-Burma Railway Museum and the Tiger Temple.

Grand Pearl Cruise

Another river that has a wonderful backdrop of Thai historical monuments and architecture is the Chao Phraya River. If you want a more romantic tour, then this is what you should book.  On board the Grand Pearl, you’ll cruise through the river and see different iconic structures like the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and Wat Arun. You will also enjoy some cocktails and a grand buffet dinner with various Thai and international dishes.

Calypso Ladyboy Show

Ladyboys are part of Thai culture and are very active in the country’s tourism and performing arts scenes. They are transgender or effeminate gay males who are often seen in cabaret shows. One of the most popular ones is the Calypso Ladyboy Show where the performers will dazzle and convince you that they are actually real women because of how elaborate their makeup, costumes, and acting are! Enjoy the colourful lights, livelily music, dazzling costumes, and amazing musical acts on this tour!

Dream World

Are you traveling with kids? Then you should pick this tour and have an awesome amusement park experience with lots of shows and rides! The park has beautiful landscaped gardens, castles, linked paths, pools, and over 30 rides that will surely be enjoyed by any of your family members. Some of the shows include the Hollywood Action Show, Colors of the World Parade, 4D Adventure, and Snow Town. Some of the rides include the Roller Coaster, Bump Cars, Corkscrew, etc. With so many attractions, this tour alone can easily take up most of your day.

International Buffet at Sky Restaurant

Whichever tour packages you decide to book, there’s no doubt that you need fuel to complete and enjoy them! So it’s a good idea to include a tour that involves food! The Bangkok Sky Restaurant offers not just a great view of the city, but also a sumptuous lunch and dinner buffet, so you can either eat there first before the start of another tour or make it your last tour for the day to replenish the energy you consumed during earlier tours. The buffet is composed mostly of delicious seafood and unlimited soft drinks so you’re sure to be fulfilled and satisfied.

There are many other Bangkok tours you can check out if you have more time and money, but these ten can more than satisfy your travel itch!